Geebee International can help you with the right choice in scintillator material with many years of experience in the inorganic crystal material. We can provide Crystals including Scintillation crystal (NaI(Tl, Na), CsI(Na, Tl), BGO, LaBr3,LaCl3, LYSO, Ce:YAP, CWO, PWO), semiconductor crystal GaAs, SiC, Infrared Optical Materials(Sapphire, BaF2, ZnS, ZnSe). In adittion, we also offer the assembly of Scintillation detectors.

GEEBEE INTERNATIONAL provides a cutting edge range of X-ray screens for imaging anything from a fine weld structure to waste drum and other decommissioned components. These non-burn formulations and large area production capabilities provide unique screens to the NDT marketplace.

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Neutron Detection Screen

Neutron Detection Screens for Imaging and Radiation ...

High Brightness X ray Screens

GEEBEE provides a cutting edge range of X-ray screens for ...

Dental Caesium Iodide

(CsI) based scintillators for dental digital imaging system

Thallium doped Caesium Iodide

Thallium doped caesium iodide (CsI:Tl) is grown in a ...

Electron Beam viewing screen

Phosphor Viewing Screens for Electron-Beam imaging

ZnS:Ag Plastic Scintillator

Plastic Scintillator for Alpha and Beta Particles

Li-6 Glass Scintillator

Neutron Detection with Li-6 Scintillator

CMOS/CCD Phosphor Coatings

CMOS,CCD & Fibre Optic Plates Phosphor Coatings

Phosphor based Camera

Laser detection & Infrared imaging Camera Real-time ...


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