Beam Diagnostic instruments for measuring Accelerator Beam line performances and parameters

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Beam Diagnostics

AC Current Transformer

Precise waveform measurement of long pulses and ...

BB - BPM Ions Beam Position Monitor

Designed for cancer therapy synchrotrons Ideal for heavy ...

Beam Slits

Water Cooled beam slits for beam adjustments.

BLM Beam Loss Monitor

Largest dynamic range | lowest cost of any BLM

BPM - AFE Analog Front End

The Beam Position Monitor Analog Frontend (BPM-AFE) is an ...

Diagnostic Box

Includes a vacuum tank specially conceived for mounting one ...

Emittance meter

X-Y simultaneous measurement, High resolution and compact ...

Faraday Cup

The Water Cooled Faraday Cup with actuator is designed for ...

FCT Beam Fast Current Transformer

Most sensitive and fastest current tranformer.

Integrated Parametric Current Transformer

Non-intercepting DC current measurement with 10 microamps ...

LR - BPM Log Ratio Beam Position Monitor

Beam position measurement Non-interceptive Optimal for ...

MX - BPM Multiplexed Beam Position Monitor

Optimized for electron/positron Storage Rings 1 µm X and Y ...

New Parametric Current Transformer

For non-destructive measurement of average beam current.

S - BPM S Band Beam Position Monitor

The S-band / L-band Beam Position Monitor (S–BPM) is an ...

Turbo-ICT & BCM-RF

Turbo Integrating Current Transformer - RF Beam Charge ...

VWM Vibrating Wire Halo Profile Monitor

Beam transverse profile and position.


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