Geebee International is actively involved with designing and manufacturing various type of beamline components in direct contact with the end user. We have various partners engaged in collaborating and designing unique solutions for your custom requirements.

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Beamline Components

Analyzing Dipole Magnet

Know how in designing and manufacturing Dipole Magnets to ...

Beam Chopper

Useful for Beam Pulsing Applications

Beam Extraction System

Extraction system for Ion Source.

Beamline cooling system

Cooling system for beamline components.

Einzel Focussing Lens

Einzel lens for focussing the beam from the Ion Source

Gas system

Gas dosing valved for injecting gas into the Ion Source.

High Voltage Platform

75 kV to 450 kV High Voltage Platforms for your Ion Source ...

HV Isolation Transformer

High Voltage Insulation Transformer

Micro Oven System

Micro Oven for High temperature metallic Ion Beams.

Rf Window

Isolate the Vacuum from RF generator in the waveguide.

Sputtering System for Ion Beam

Sputtering by plasma for high evaporation temperature ...

Twin Solenoid Magnet

Superconducting Solenoid Magnet For Rare Nuclear ...

Water Chiller Unit

High Stability water chiller unit for Beamline components ...


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